Qiuwen Li has a solo show up in the MCAD Library Gallery, running from September 21st to October 11th. Li is a graphic designer in her second year in the MFA program, for this project she designed QR codes which link to her random poetry generator.

In this project, if viewers scan a QR code, they will have one random generated Haiku poem. A haiku is one of the most important forms of traditional Japanese poetry. The book Li created includes all the random poems, and the QR code next to the poem is specifically created for that poem. Among all QR codes, there are three types: the general black one; the colorful iconic one which looks like an image and still functions as a QR code; and the third one, which is the geometric one that looks like image and does not work as a QR code. Different types of QR codes represent the similar relationship between image and type.

For more details visit this site.